Small Business Saturday

10 reasons to support Small Businesses ahead of this year’s Small Business Saturday Campaign

Small businesses in the UK have faced significant challenges in recent years. Many are still recovering from the impact of the pandemic and are now grappling with the effects of rising inflation and a cost-of-living crisis. In these times, the support for small businesses is more crucial than ever.

At NNBN, we advocate for more people to prioritise shopping at local small businesses rather than opting for larger multinational corporations. That’s why we’re backing Small Business Saturday, marking its 11-year anniversary with a tour across the UK from November, culminating on Saturday, 2nd December.

Here are 10 compelling reasons to consider shopping at small, local businesses:

1. Support for Local Communities and Economy:
Shopping at local small businesses injects more money into the local economy. Visa’s research indicates that local shopping can double the amount of money retained within the community. Vibrant local businesses enrich an area, attracting tourists and enhancing property values. Furthermore, they generate revenue that supports essential council services like libraries, parks, and roads.

2. Job Creation:
Supporting local businesses creates jobs within communities, contributing to a better living and working environment. These jobs provide opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs, designers, and retailers.

3. Environmental Impact:
Opting to shop locally contributes positively to the environment. Local businesses often have shorter supply chains, resulting in fewer food miles and a reduced carbon footprint. Buying from local stores, such as butchers or farm shops, usually involves a shorter ‘field-to-fork’ journey for produce and less plastic packaging compared to big supermarket chains.

4. Personalised Service and Deals:
Independent retailers offer reward schemes to loyal customers and go the extra mile by ordering desired items or providing tailored recommendations. Additionally, they often allow customers to sample products before purchasing.

5. Unique Products and Choice:
Small and local businesses offer a diverse range of unique, non-mass-produced products. They support local designers, artists, authors, food producers, and growers, allowing customers to purchase items unique to the area.

6. Convenience and Sustainability:
Shopping at local stores is convenient, often encouraging walking or cycling, reducing air pollution and traffic congestion. Many local businesses now offer home delivery and click & collect services, ensuring convenience without compromising sustainability.

7. Focus on Quality:
Local businesses prioritise quality over quantity, offering high-quality products and services compared to larger chain stores.

8. Support for Local Charities:
Many local business owners contribute to local charities, thereby increasing donations to non-profits within the community.

9. Backing British Entrepreneurs:
Supporting local businesses nurtures the growth of young entrepreneurs, especially those driving sustainable initiatives, aligning with the shift against fast fashion.

10. Sustainable Christmas Shopping:
Opting for local businesses for Christmas gifts minimizes the carbon footprint while supporting the community and local economy.


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