24 Years Bed Bound To Now Climbing Rocks And Mountain Biking

Alison is a Mindset Coach who specialises in Resilience and Transformational Coaching.

Her journey to coaching began in 1992 when her Doctor gave her a diagnosis of ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia. She then went on to spend the following twenty-four years predominantly bed-bound, often in a wheelchair and living daily with chronic bone, muscle and joint pain, extreme fatigue and cognitive processing struggles.

Her transformational journey however, began in 2016 when she attended an NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) based training program. From the very first day of attending that course she never sat in a wheelchair again and has spent the last five years rock climbing, mountain biking, working and fully living her life!

And now due to her extraordinary journey back to full health, she is using her history to help others figure out what their version is of that wheelchair, overcome that block and create an empowered present and beautiful future for themselves that is their version of her epic rock climbing adventures!

Her unique coaching process enables her clients to find the answers for themselves. Her coaching approach bestows a strong sense of empowerment and deep realisation that they hold the power within themselves to create dynamic positive change within both their career and personal life. She guides her clients from A to B and sometimes even to C and imparts skills that move them from that feeling of ‘stuck’ to ‘action’ and transform performance in their field of expertise and life from uncertain and anxious to calm, self-assured and empowered.

She skilfully enables them to achieve these epic life changes through powerful coaching conversations and the application of NLP techniques. With compassion, care and humour she guides and supports her clients along every step of their journey and ensures that they are equipped with the toolkit needed to self-coach as her end goal is them no longer requiring her support as they’ll have ‘got this’.

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