Cransley Hospice Celebrate 25 Years

2023 marks the 25th anniversary of the opening of Cransley Hospice at St Mary’s Hospital in Kettering.  In it’s 25 years the hospice has cared for many hundreds of loved ones in our community – mother’s, daughters, father’s, sons and grandparents.  Each person receiving free, specialist, individualised care to support them and their families through the most challenging and difficult time.

Before the hospice opened on the ground floor of Sunley Court building in November 1988, hospital patients who were approaching the end of their life had been cared for by Dr John Smith in the “Cransley Ward” at St Mary’s Hospital, and this is how the hospice came to have its name.

Rev Dr John Smith said “The Cransley Ward had provided excellent care for in-patients but there was no room for out-patients, family support or counselling – all important components of palliative care in the hospice and the community”  “When ExtraCare won the contract for managing long stay patients in St Mary’s in the new Sunley Court building, I asked if they could build a new Cransley alongside and to my surprise they agreed.  It wasn’t perfect but it could offer so much more, and it has, for 25 years!”

Since it opened Cransley Hospice has cared for thousands of people in the local community with life-limiting illnesses, providing free, specialist, palliative care to patients in the hospice, or at home through the hospice at home service which expanded in 2017 thanks to the determination of the late Angela Howe (CHT Service Development Manager) and further funding by Cransley Hospice Trust enabling more patients in North Northamptonshire to be cared for in their own homes if they chose.

Michael Dobbs’s father, Ken was cared for in the hospice and he said “You don’t really get a sense of what a hospice can do until you need it, and we were lucky that when we needed it, we got everything that we needed – Dad got everything that he needed.”

Cransley Hospice Trust believe everyone in North Northamptonshire should have access to free, quality end of life care, and be able to choose where to die – at home or in a hospice, with dignity and in comfort. We know that the population of North Northamptonshire is increasing and growing older and that the support that has been provided to both patients, families and loved ones over the last 25 years will need to be increased over the next 25 years and beyond.  Cransley Hospice Trust relies on the support from the community, through fundraising activities and sponsorship to help them raise the funds needed to support the specialist care now and in the future

Cransley Hospice Trust have an exciting programme of fundraising events and activities planned for 2023.  The anniversary celebrations kicked off on the 25th January with the unveiling of a special commemorative stone by Cllr Keli Watts, marking the opening of Cransley Hospice permanently within the Kettering timeline in the market square.

The 25th January also saw the launch of the Cransley Hospice Trust #25for25Challenge which will run for a full year, to 25th January 2024. Anyone of any age can get involved, individually, as a team, or with friends, groups, family or colleagues – just dream up a #25for25Challenge, it can be anything from running 2.5 miles to inviting 25 of your friends to a tea party.  For 25 ideas and more information about how you can get involved go to the Cransley Hospice Trust website Just choose your challenge and set yourself a fundraising target to help raise an additional £250,000 to support specialist care for patients who need it at the end of their life, and their loved ones in our community.

Join in and celebrate 25 years of care.  Together we will be there for the next 25 years.  Contact the fundraising office on 03000 274040 for further information and how you can get involved.


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