Sarah Hayle

Don’t lose your benefits – prepare for the government’s new Managed Migration Process

Tax Credits claimants in Northamptonshire are set to receive a letter about Universal Credit early this year – with Northamptonshire charity Community Law Service urging everyone to act quickly or risk losing their benefits.

The Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) is rolling out what it calls the ‘managed migration’ process, asking people on tax credits to claim Universal Credit (UC), even if they have had no change in circumstances.

Community Law Service Chief Executive Sarah Hayle explained: “Northamptonshire is one of the last counties to be the focus of this government change and local people will start receiving letters from this month.

“The deadline to reply and complete the application is three months and the exact deadline date will be included in the letters. If you receive one of these letters and ignore it your benefits will likely stop, but if you apply to move to Universal Credits within the three-month period you can expect to receive at least the same as you did when you were on tax credits. This is called transitional protection. So, put simply, we would urge everyone to act quickly, don’t put this off, protect your benefits.”

The managed migration process, which has been in operation for the last few years in the UK, sees Universal Credits replacing the main working aged means tested benefits such as tax credits, income support, job seekers allowance, employment and support allowance.

There is a dedicated helpline as well as online guidance, which Northamptonshire charity Community Law Service is urging people to refer to:


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