Ena HR is one!

Ena HR is one!

A HR and training company in Cogenhoe, Northamptonshire is celebrating 12 months in business.

Ena HR and Training Ltd was established in January 2022 by Kate Coulson after working in corporate HR and management roles for more than 20 years.

When Covid hit, Kate seized the opportunity to live in Greece for a year- a place she calls her ‘second homeland’. This love of Greece is also reflected in Kate’s choice of business name. Ena is Greek for the number one. Ena is also the goddess known for overseeing the preparation for a journey.

At the end of 2021, Kate knew she didn’t want to return to the corporate world. She still wanted to work in a high level, strategic role, but one that fitted in around her children, Annabel and Zoe.

She supported a friend, a business owner looking to move her associates to permanent employees, and realised she could use her knowledge and experience to support small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Since January 2022, Kate has turned over £40,000 and onboarded 11 retainer clients, who she works closely with as an outsourced HR manager. She has also launched her own leadership and management programme, which is about to start recruiting for its fourth cohort, as well as rolling out a HR IT system. Kate has also been awarded three grants from BIPC Northamptonshire, SEMLEP and ARG, which she reinvested into her business to grow further. She has also been appointed President of a new BNI chapter in Northamptonshire – the first online chapter in its region.

“I’ve genuinely loved working on and in my business this last year,” said Kate. “I’ve enjoyed getting to know my clients and their businesses and have met so many inspirational people at networking.

“I’ve also been a present Mum too. Not needing permission to attend a carol concert or sports day means so much.”

“HR is not just about policies and compliance,” adds Kate. “Governance is a given. But making a real difference to a business through training, new processes, engaging and retaining staff and helping business owners sleep at night really drives me.”

Looking to the future, Kate is keen to work with more SMEs in Northamptonshire, supporting them with HR and nurturing leaders in the organisation. To find out more, see www.ena-hr.co.uk.

CH 9th February 2023