Parm Bhangal Jan 2024

Free webinars for construction professionals looking to grow

Construction professionals looking for practical advice on how to win more work and grow their business will benefit from a programme of free online seminars run by Northamptonshire’s Bhangals Construction Consultants and My Build Estimate.

The construction power couple are sister firms run by multi-award-winning entrepreneur and CEO Parm Bhangal, who will provide useful tips in the monthly, hour-long mastermind sessions, which start this week.

Learn How to Price Projects, Win More Work, Make More Profit and Grow Your Business will run on Wednesday 24th January, from 5pm-6pm.

Participants will learn the importance of pricing projects correctly, how to turn a lead into a pricing opportunity and how to ensure all elements of the project are priced accurately.

There will also be advice on how to present all the information you need to display and how to avoid mistakes, as well as putting together an effective follow up procedure.

The second webinar in the series will follow next month. In How to Cost Your Development, which runs on Thursday 15th February from 5pm to 6pm, property developers and architects can learn the art of precision in development budgeting, with proven strategies to help streamline spending, optimise resources, and boost return.

Costing is a fundamental element of any successful project, and this webinar focuses on how to accurately cost your development to establish project viability, scope, and budget allocations.

The March webinar, entitled, How to Improve Your Sales, will be held on Tuesday, 12th March, 5pm to 6pm, and a full monthly programme will continue throughout the year.

Parm, who has more than 15 years of experience in the construction industry and is the founder of several highly successful businesses, is a specialist in systems and processes to ensure success.

He is hoping that the webinar series will give his fellow industry consultants an insight in how to successfully scale a construction firm and make the most of every opportunity.

Parm said: “When it comes to construction firms, a lot of business owners lose track of where they are because they are so busy with day-to-day operations. In doing all the operational work, the founder has little time to develop the business.

“In this information-packed series, I will share invaluable tips on how to build and grow a profitable construction business. Whether that be by streamlining your pricing strategy, implementing more refined processes or better placing your resources to encourage business growth.

“This is decades of experience packed into bitesize chunks and delivered to you online. Once we unlock your business potential, overcome your fears and show you how to win in a step-by-step process, everything will change for you. It’s a powerful opportunity not to be missed!”

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