Grants for Community Centres

North Northamptonshire Council recently completed a public consultation process for the setting of its 2023/24 budget.  The Council is proposing to set a balanced budget and this will be presented to the Executive for approval on February 9.

One of the proposals set out in the budget consultation focused on the standardisation of grants for community centres.  The impact of this standardised approach would have resulted in a reduction in grants to a number of community centres.  The Leader and the Executive have considered the feedback received in preparation for their meeting on February 9.

In light of the feedback received from the consultation, the Leader and the Executive revised the final budget published on Wednesday, February 1 with the removal of this proposal.

Councillor Jason Smithers, Leader of the Council said:

“We are a listening council and we have heard the voice of the local community on this important issue.  I do understand the vital role community centres play in our local neighbourhoods and we do need to listen carefully to what has been said.

“Removing this proposal from the budget at this stage is absolutely the right thing to do. I will ensure that we continue to engage with local communities across North Northamptonshire on this important issue.”


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