Have your say on the future of sport and leisure in North Northamptonshire

People are invited to have their say on the future provision of sport and leisure in the North Northamptonshire Council area.

The Council is reviewing how sport, physical activity and leisure meets the needs, and delivers health and wellbeing benefits, for residents in local communities.

The review will support the creation of a Leisure Strategic Framework that will shape the way these services are delivered in the future to support the wellbeing of our communities.

The plan has three main elements:

  • Active Communities – to ensure residents have increased opportunities to be more active and build healthier active communities.
  • Leisure Facilities – an assessment of current use and future needs, focussing on quantity and quality in relation to supply and demand.
  • Playing Pitches – an assessment of current use and future needs, focussing on quantity and quality in relation to supply and demand.

The Council is directly liaising with sports clubs, schools, national governing bodies and other stakeholders but every resident can have their say online [provide link].

Cllr Helen Howell, the Council’s Deputy Leader and Executive Member for Sport, Leisure, Culture and Tourism, said:

“We want North Northamptonshire to be somewhere where everyone has the best opportunities and quality of life and we’re delighted to have started this piece of work which aims at reviewing our sport and leisure offer to make sure we are providing a service that people want and is best for their health and wellbeing.

“I’d encourage as many people as possible to have their say as it’s essential we get a broad view of opinions to help shape the strategy going forward.”

Cllr Helen Harrison, the Council’s Executive Member for Adults, Health and Wellbeing, said:

“This approach is about looking at sport and leisure more broadly and how being active can play a key role in all of our lives to improve our wellbeing right away and our health for the future.

“Choosing the right sort of activity is so important not only in improving physical health but our mental wellbeing too.”

Cllr Jason Smithers, Leader of the Council, said:

“As a relatively new Council this is the ideal time to test the water and make sure we’re doing as much as we can to meet the needs of residents with regard to sports and leisure.

“There are so many benefits to becoming more active – this framework will play a leading role in improving the health and wellbeing of our residents.”