Joanne Diprose and The Barber Shed: Crafting More Than Just Haircuts

In the bustling heart of Daventry stands The Barber Shed, a haven where scissors meet storytelling, helmed by the spirited entrepreneur Joanne Diprose and joined by her team.

Stepping into The Barber Shed, customers aren’t just greeted with the promise of a haircut. Joanne and her dedicated team extend a warm, professional welcome, fostering an environment that resonates with a sense of belonging. Their expertise spans all facets of barbering, catering to customers of all ages. But it’s not just their adept skills that draw admiration; it’s their ethos of exceptional service that has earned them accolades, including two business awards this year.

Beyond the confines of their barber chairs, Joanne’s passion for community engagement shines through. The Barber Shed is more than a grooming space; it’s a hub of support for local charities, lending a helping hand to causes close to their hearts—Cancer Research, men’s mental health, Autism UK, and various others.

As advocates for the Shop Local movement, Joanne ardently champions the role of service industries in town centres. She believes that supporting local businesses not only fosters a vibrant community but also fuels the town’s economic engine. Through partnerships with groups like Discover Daventry, Joanne actively promotes and supports other local independent businesses, recognising the collective strength in unity.

The Barber Shed isn’t just about haircuts; it’s about inclusivity. Joanne takes immense pride in their work with children and adults with disabilities, offering a safe haven for those with sensory issues like autism. Their commitment extends to being dog-friendly and providing valuable work experience opportunities to school-age children and adults with learning disabilities.

As part of the Small Business Saturday campaign, Joanne and The Barber Shed team stand tall, embodying the ethos of community support, exceptional service, and inclusivity. To Joanne, being recognised for their unwavering dedication is not just an accolade; it’s a testament to their commitment to crafting more than just haircuts—creating a welcoming space that touches lives and uplifts the community.


Small Business Saturday 2023