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Have Your Say On The Kettering Energy Park Masterplan Consultation

North Northamptonshire Council (NNC) is promoting First Renewable Developments’ public consultation on the draft Masterplan for Kettering Energy Park to ensure residents and other interested parties can fully input into its development.

The North Northamptonshire Joint Core Strategy (also known as the ‘Local Plan’) recognises green industries as a sectoral priority to support economic growth in North Northamptonshire and for the role they have in securing resilience to climate change and long-term energy security. It also recognises the need for North Northamptonshire to become more self-reliant and resilient, with the generation of a significant proportion of its own energy requirements from renewable sources identified as a key factor in achieving these aims.

As part of these strategic aims, the Joint Core Strategy (JCS) outlines the potential for the co-location of renewable and low carbon technologies at “Energy Parks”, with these considered to have the greatest potential in locations where energy generators are:

already in operation, the necessary infrastructure exists or can be provided;
are close to existing or proposed major users of energy and
where adverse impacts of development can be satisfactorily mitigated.
In this regard, the (JCS) considers Kettering Energy Park (also referred to as “Land at Burton Wold”) as the main area of local opportunity due to the existing wind farm already in operation and existing consents for solar.

Joint Core Strategy – Policy 26 (Renewable and Low Carbon Energy)

To facilitate development of an Energy Park at Burton Wold, JCS Policy 26 (Renewable and Low Carbon Energy) provides guidance and criteria for interested parties to develop proposals for the site. To do so, the Policy makes clear that a comprehensive masterplan is required, which has been prepared in consultation with the local community and stakeholders, and which will:

Define development boundaries and also the renewable/low carbon technologies and land uses to be developed on the site;
Make provision for a mix of complementary employment uses to facilitate development of local knowledge, expertise and research and development;
Demonstrate how the proposal will contribute towards meeting the energy needs of existing and planned development, including East Kettering SUE, strategic development at Junction 10 of the A14 and employment uses associated with the site;
Create a model for zero carbon energy through the installation of exemplary energy efficiency standards in buildings which use energy produced on-site in their operation.

In response to the requirements of local planning policy, First Renewable Developments, supported by North Northamptonshire Council, have prepared a Draft Masterplan Document which outlines a vision for Burton Wold and how the site could be developed. This document addresses the key issues identified in JCS Policy 26 and includes detail on the following:

Definition on the scale and extent of the proposed development site;
Which low carbon/renewable technologies are proposed on site;
Which employment uses, and the mix of these, are proposed on site;
The scale and extent of new infrastructure proposed through development (including new Green Infrastructure);
The sustainability of new buildings on site;
Access arrangements internal and external to the site (including enhanced public access).
A response form has been prepared to encourage comments on key topic areas, with headings including the masterplan vision; environment and biodiversity; jobs and economy; renewable and low carbon energy; development and design principles; and general topics. You are encouraged to comment on any or all of the topic areas. Feedback is sought on the content of the draft Masterplan Document during a 7 week public consultation starting 3 April 2023 until midnight on 22 May 2023.

To tell First Renewable Developments your views visit and have your say.

You can also give your views by e-mail at and by post to:

Planning Policy Team
North Northamptonshire Council
Municipal Offices
Bowling Green Road
Kettering NN15 7QX

Public Consultation Event

The promotion team are also holding a consultation event where staff and material will be available to interested parties to drop in and gather further information on the proposals on Friday 21 April 2023 between 14:30 and 19:30 at:

Harold Mason Centre (aka The Civic Centre)
120 High Street
Burton Latimer
Northants NN15 5RH