MDS directors to attempt 24-hour fitness challenge for ‘Quest for Life’

Directors of Northampton-based recruitment business More Driver Solutions Emily Cooper and Nicola Tilley will be participating in a fitness challenge event to raise money for Victoria Skinner’s Tor Rox, a new organisation which will aim to improve the lives of cancer patients through fitness and well-being.

Nicola and Emily will be part of a relay team attempting to perform the Hyrox workout for 24-hours straight, taking on the dual challenges of both staying awake and completing extremely fatiguing exercises.

The fundraising event, taking place 2nd September, has been organised to support Victoria’s commitment to raise a huge amount of money by completing a Hyrox Solo. Nicola and Emily, and some friends from the Empowerment Training Centre, have been inspired by their great friend Victoria to take on this challenge with her as part of her ‘Quest for Life’.

Victoria has been battling cancer since 2015. A mum to her daughter Isla and wife to Joseph, she has stage 4 secondary breast cancer which has spread to her bones and is now incurable. However, she has refused to sit back and let it get the better of her, stating “I want to live life, I want to step out of my comfort zone and break down barriers.”

Victoria’s determination to live life on her terms combined with her new found passion for fitness lead her to start ‘Quest for Life’, which aims to improve the lives of cancer patients through fitness and well-being, providing not only physical fitness training, but also mental, emotional, and overall well-being in a supportive community to enhance the quality of life during cancer treatment and beyond.

This fundraising challenge the MDS directors will be participating in a Hyrox Relay which combines running with functional and endurance workouts. Hyrox played a big part in Victoria’s own fitness journey, so it seemed fitting that this fundraising challenge should incorporate this too. Each Hyrox event has eight different workout stations combined with a 1km run, which must be completed one at a time in a test of mental and physical endurance.

Victoria said: “’Quest for Life’ should be a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the extraordinary impact that compassion and determination can have on the lives of others, empowering cancer patients to find their strength, one workout at a time. Through regular training sessions and the unwavering support of Empowerment Training Centre, my confidence has grown to new levels, and a feeling of regained control over my life has made me want to not only take on a physical challenge but to build a legacy for my daughter Isla and all cancer warriors.”

Emily said: “Tor has been a friend of ours for a long time and we’re so happy to be able to support Quest for Life. Her journey has been hard over the past few years, but we’re so proud of her for continuing to do amazing things.”

Nicola said: “It will be a tough challenge, but worth it to gain support and raise money for Tor and her charity. We’ll be giving it our all for the whole 24-hours.”

You can donate to ‘Quest for Life’s campaign and find out more about their work and Tor’s story here.


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