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Meeting Summary: Michelle Cullington Talks Branding

Last night’s NNBN meeting at Chester House saw a great presentation from Michelle Cullington from Lime Design Studio as attendees from businesses, charities and organisations from across Northamptonshire learned more about the services offered by Michelle and some tips around branding.

Michelle has been running Lime Design Studio since 2010 and provides a range of services including design, branding, logo design, creating brochures, social media imagery and much more.

The services offered by Lime Design Studio cover cover the whole of Northamptonshire and the UK and Michelle has had experience of working with various industries over the years including estate agents, construction, restaurants, solicitors, financial services, interior stores, beauty, dog feed, food manufacturing and many more!

Last night, Michelle shared some great tips and advice for attendees around branding and opened with a key statement to the room – “Everyone’s idea of branding is different, but there is one thing they cannot deny…. THE IMPORTANCE OF BRANDING”. This is so true and the more we go forward, the more branding becomes even more important.

The key benefits Michelle talked about were as follows:

  1. Customer Recognition – makes a brand stand out from it’s competitors
  2. Customer Loyalty – keeps customers coming back for more
  3. Consistency – a consistent brand is memorable and more effective
  4. Brand Equity – every brand element helps build brand equity
  5. Increases Credibility – establishes a company as a serious professional business
  6. Attracts Talent – when a business has great branding, people notice
  7. Allows Shared Values – Emotionally connect with customers creating loyalty for life
  8. Gives Confidence – A solid brand knows its values and this evokes confidence

Michelle also talked about defining a brand strategy, developing a brand identity and how to implement, track and adjust your brand going forward coupled with what makes a good logo and talked around the five key elements of keeping it versatile, simple, timeless, appropriate and memorable.

To learn more about the services on offer from Lime Design Studio, visit Michelle’s website here.

There are also some free sources on Michelle’s website which you can find here or why not explore the Lime Design Studio Knowledge Hub


The next NNBN Network Meeting takes place on Thursday 29th June where Pritesh Ganatra from British Technology Solutions UK will be presenting and sharing his wealth of knowledge around the technology industry. If you would like to book a place for our next meeting visit here


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