#MoreThanJustNetworking 4th August


This week has been one of the busiest we can remember as we announced the Finalists for this year’s NNBN Awards. It’s been crazily busy, but in a good way!



“Starting the week with a bang” is my immediate comment! It was literally working on the Press Release for the NNBN Awards and finalising the announcement to the media. A huge thank you to Jessica Pilkington and the team at Pilkington Communications for their support with our announcement and helping to prepare the news that we were excited to share. There was a lot of interest around the NNBN Awards this year especially as it’s the first time of us moving onto the County wide scene with the Awards. Having been heavily involved with the Kettering Awards for the last five years, we can’t wait for this year’s event in October recognising those who have entered the NNBN Awards this year and successfully made it through to the Final in October. To find out who made it through to the NNBN Awards Finalist this year, click here.



ANNOUNCEMENT DAY! It was an incredible start to the day as 8 am came and we published the results of the Finalists of this year’s Awards event. It was incredible and the excitement behind the scenes at NNBN HQ was one of the best days this year for us. The news release signed off the day before started appearing in local media publications on line and the buzz of activity for the Finalists was clearly there to see. It’s at this point we sat back and drew breath as we started to see the Finalists sharing the news on their own social media channels. What a day!



Simon dropped into our Member Vulcan Works in Northampton to catch up and get away from the normal working environment. If you haven’t dropped into Vulcan Works, then do! It’s an opportunity to see this fantastic co-working space in Northampton Town Centre and an opportunity to work somewhere else. It was another busy day as we sent out the social media packs to the Finalists to help them share the news through their own marketing channels and work on the ticket sales for the event which started to trickle in.

Simon ended the day with more member meetings and helping them to explore ideas for their business which is key to what we offer. The time shared with our members on a one to one is what we enjoy along with the networking and other events as it’s an opportunity to support our members and help them move forward.



For the first time this week, the day wasn’t about the Awards! This time though, it was another planning session for Northamptonshire’s Good Food and Drink Festival taking place at Kettering Park Hotel on 24th September. This is the first year we’ve been the main lead on the Festival and it’s certainly given us an insight to the wonders within the County within the food and drink sector. We’re looking forward to the Festival in September and can’t wait for the day. For more information on the festival, have a look at the Festival website here.



The day was literally full of meetings for our members and talking through the support and help we can give them going into the future. It was also a chance to reflect on one of the busiest and exciting weeks of the year so far especially with the NNBN Awards announcement. We’d like to thank everyone who shared our press release to announce the Finalists. The coverage has certainly helped our sponsors, partners, us and, ultimately, this year’s Finalists.

We ended the week with the final preparations for Monday’s “NNBN Summer Social” – although it’s not the most exciting weather we’re delighted that we have over 50 people booked in for the event at Chester House Estate.


This is why we’re #morethanjustnetworking

Simon & Marie