Good Business Week

NNBN Advocates for Ethical Business Practices During Good Business Week

In alignment with the ongoing national campaign, Good Business Week, Northamptonshire membership organisation NNBN is actively supporting the message of ethical business practices. This week-long initiative, spearheaded by the Good Business Charter, aims to shine a spotlight on organisations committed to the highest standards of business conduct and ethical practices.

The campaign, running from Monday 5th February to Sunday 11th February, encourages individuals to share positive business examples, nominate deserving employers for Good Business Charter accreditation, and raise awareness about the importance of ethical business through the hashtag #GoodBusinessMatters on social media.

Each day of the campaign is dedicated to a specific theme, including fair pay, prompt payment, wellbeing, customers, and beyond profit – all values that NNBN champions and considers critical for the sustained success of businesses, charities, and organisations in the long term.

The Good Business Charter, functioning as an accreditation programme, assesses responsible business conduct across ten components, encompassing care for employees, customers, suppliers, society, and the environment. This accreditation is inclusive and accessible to businesses of all sizes and sectors, as well as public sector and third-sector organisations.

NNBN Director Simon Cox expressed pride in the organisation’s Good Business Charter accreditation and encouraged local businesses, charities, and organisations to follow suit. He stated, “We are proud to be a Good Business Charter accredited organisation and would encourage Northamptonshire businesses, charities, and organisations to sign up and become accredited.”

In addition to supporting the Good Business Charter, NNBN has taken a proactive stance by signing the Prompt Payment Code, demonstrating their commitment to paying suppliers on time and within agreed terms. Cox emphasised the importance of timely payments, stating, “Late payments cause a number of problems for small businesses, and it’s key that we continue reminding businesses, charities, and organisations that late payments can cause problems for suppliers in the supply chain.”

The significance of Good Business Week cannot be overstated, as it serves as a platform to celebrate and promote ethical businesses that prioritise responsible behaviour. By highlighting positive examples and encouraging accreditation, the campaign aims to foster a business environment where exemplary conduct becomes the norm throughout the UK.

For those interested in participating or learning more about Good Business Week, further information is available here. NNBN extends an invitation to businesses, charities, and organisations to join the movement towards ethical business practices and accreditation, emphasising the collective impact such initiatives can have on shaping a responsible and sustainable business landscape.


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