E-mail Marketing

NNBN INSIGHT – How To Build An E-Mail Marketing Database

Thinking about E-mail Marketing and need to build a mailing list?

Here are some steps to consider when starting to build a mailing list to kick off your email marketing strategy:

1. Define your target audience: Before starting to build your email marketing database, you need to have a clear understanding of your target audience. Define who your potential customers are, what their needs, interests and preferences are, and tailor your messages accordingly.

2. Create an opt-in form: An opt-in form is a form on your website where visitors can voluntarily provide their contact information to allow you to send them emails. This is a must-have for any email marketing strategy.

3. Offer incentives: People want to be incentivized to give away their email address. Offer incentives that matter to them, such as a discount or exclusive content in exchange for their email address.

4. Include sign-up forms in your social media channels: Leverage your social media channels to promote your email newsletter and build your email marketing database.

5. Obtain email addresses traditionally: If you have a physical store or event, make sure you capture email addresses of your visitors through a sign-up sheet or electronic registration form.

6. Host a contest: Host a contest that encourages users to share your content, sign up for your newsletter, and broaden your reach.

7. Host an online webinar or virtual event: Provide an online seminar or virtual event that requires users to sign-up to attend. These act as a great source to attract users to join the mailing list.

8. Send personalized emails: Personalized emails can achieve up to a 50% higher click-through rate than generic emails. Talk to customers via emails like you are connecting to a friend and provide solutions based on their interests.

9. Use paid promotions: Promote your newsletter on various channels such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads. Invest in sponsored content which will require email sign-ups for access.

10. Use pop-up forms: Use pop-up forms on your website to attract visitors and guide them to sign up for your newsletter without any additional efforts needed.

11. Make it easy to opt-out: Providing an easy opt-out facility helps build credibility with your users, showing that they are in control of the content they receive, and assures them that their content will be relevant to their interests.

In conclusion, email marketing is an essential tool to connect with your customers, promote your brand, and generate revenue. Building a mailing list is the backbone of your email marketing strategy, and it is important to follow the correct strategies to effectively build a database of potential customers for your email marketing campaigns. By implementing the above tips and providing valuable and personalised content, you can steadily build a list of engaged subscribers who want to recreate with your brand.