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NNBN INSIGHT: Martyn’s Law

Benjamin Hollis, Managing Director of Northamptonshire based security firm, Medisec Ltd, shares his insights into Martyn’s Law.

“Did you know that a crucial bill, known as Martyn’s Law or the Terrorism (Protection of Premises) Bill, is currently undergoing parliamentary consultation with just one week left? This legislation, prompted by the Manchester bombing and inquiries following the 2017 arena attack, is inching closer to becoming law. Parliament is now urging individuals, especially those involved in small events, businesses, and volunteer groups, to participate in the consultation process.

Designed to target organisations, businesses, local and public authorities, as well as individuals operating publicly accessible premises or events in the UK, the proposed bill introduces a two-tier system – standards (100-799) and enhanced (800 or more). The primary objective is to bolster public safety by enhancing preparedness for and protection from terrorist attacks. The legislation covers various aspects such as evacuation procedures, evacuation strategies, lockdown measures, and communication protocols. Once approved by parliament, guidance will be provided, and there will be an 18-24 month grace period for implementation.

This legislation is poised to have a substantial impact on businesses and events in Northamptonshire. The sector is likely to be affected include retail, hospitality, and nightlife (bars, restaurants, cafes, nightclubs, etc.), entertainment (theatres, cinemas, concert halls, arenas), sports grounds, recreation and leisure facilities (leisure centres, gyms, etc.), public libraries, museums, and galleries, public conference centres, exhibitions, visitor attractions, hotels, holiday accommodations, places of worship, healthcare facilities, education and childcare institutions (schools, colleges, universities), and public transport and services/facilities.

It’s crucial for stakeholders in these sectors to actively engage in the consultation process and contribute their insights to ensure the effective implementation of Martyn’s Law for the safety and security of our communities. Don’t miss the opportunity to have your say!”

To participate in the consultation, please click here.


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