Business Obstacles

NNBN Insight – What Are Some Common Obstacles That May Impede Response Time ?

As part of our series of articles around customer service, today we look at some common obstacles that may impede response time to your customers and clients.

Here are a number of obstacles:

1. Lack of clear emergency response plans:

Businesses need to develop comprehensive response plans in advance, outlining emergency procedures, roles, and responsibilities.

2. Poor communication:

Ensure communication systems are in place to allow quick communication during an emergency, such as mobile phones, radios or messaging platforms.

3. Insufficient training:

Train all staff on emergency procedures, first aid, and evacuation. This will allow for a faster and safer response, ensuring that everyone knows their roles and responsibilities.

4. Limited resources:

Businesses need to ensure they have the resources required to handle an emergency. This includes emergency supplies, medical equipment, and security systems.

5. Inadequate staffing levels:

Businesses need to ensure they have sufficient staffing levels to respond to emergencies. This includes training backup teams, cross-training employees to handle unexpected situations.

6. Outdated technology:

The technology used for communications, emergency response and data management should be updated regularly to ensure the system operates seamlessly during an emergency.

7. Lack of testing and simulation:

Regular testing and simulation can reveal opportunities for improvement in business’s response plans, training process, or technology systems. Conducting a simulation can provide opportunities for employees to practice their roles and responsibilities.


Wilson Browne