Shehnaaz Latif

NNBN Welcomes Shehnaaz Latif from T.O.O.T. Services Ltd As A New Member

Northamptonshire Membership organisation NNBN have welcomed another new member recently with Shehnaaz Latif joining with her exciting business T.O.O.T. Services Ltd.

Having attended a few recent networking events, Shehnaaz decided to join NNBN as a full member to create meaningful connections with local businesses, explore opportunities to collaborate and be of service to people and communities in Northamptonshire.

If you aren’t familiar with T.O.O.T. it stands for Tell Others Out There and is dedicated to helping service providers to ask the right questions, at the right time, in the right format so that their clients can give them timely and useful feedback, great reviews, brilliant recommendations and sparkling testimonials!

Shehnaaz joins NNBN with an impressive 20 years’ experience as an evaluation and impact consultant and trainer. Most of her clients have been UK-based charities, eg, Macmillan, RNIB, local councils, and funders, including BBC Children in Need as well as corporate foundations, such as the Nationwide Foundation and Coop Foundation.

Director Shehnaaz said “We take the time to get to know you and your business and the difference your work intends to make. This helps us to help you craft the questions you need to ask and devise simple steps for client data to flow.

If you want us to gather the data for you, we will! With yours and your clients’ permission, we can design the questions, ask them (usually through an online interview), analyse the data and bring it to you so you can use it for social media, your website and articles to attract more of the clients that need your service.

We love helping organisations of all shapes and sizes, including charities, trusts, foundations, SMEs and large corporates to TOOT their own horn!

We provide training, advice, support and consultancy so our clients can learn the steps to gathering sparkling testimonials and useful client feedback. With our done-for-you service, we provide independence so that your clients can share their stories with us and we can play them back to you.”

NNBN Director Simon Cox said “Testimonials are key for businesses to gather and can play such a vital part in the marketing strategy of any business. Often they are overlooked or businesses don’t ask for a testimonial upon delivery of a service or product, so we’re delighted that Shehnaaz has opted to join NNBN so we can help remind fellow members and others across our social media channels that testimonials are important and that Shehnaaz is here to assist.”

If you would like to learn more about T.O.O.T. Services, then visit