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#NNSTARTUP DAY 2023 – Angela Turton from Action Coach Oakham & Kettering Talks Business Planning

Angela, and her husband Rupert, work with established or aspiring business owners, and experts in their industry building a business around them to support their excellence.

Angela is passionate about working with business owners/leaders to enable them to get the business and life they really want. Angela has been involved in the leadership and management of small businesses since she started her own accountancy practice in 2007. As a result, she have many years of entrepreneurial experience and have suffered the pains of business ownership as well as the highs, this means she understands the roller coaster of owning your own business and how to hold on tight!

Angela is a fellow member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales (ICAEW) therefore she has an in-depth understanding of the money workings of a small business and will assist you in designing your accounting processes, finding the vital information required to run your business, and help you understand your most critical business factor – your cashflow. Her expertise is in service-based companies – people who sell their time.

Angela is ideally placed to work with Accountants, solicitors, marketing agencies, experts in their field, and anyone who exchanges expertise for money. Clients work with Angela because they are dissatisfied with the level that their business is at. Either they want more, or they want less. She has shown them how to make more profit as well as improve their lifestyle. Angela has also helped them rediscover the dream and passion that drove them into business in the first place.

The ActionCoach Growth system is full of leading business sales, marketing, finance, and team-building strategies, which Angela will tailor into an individual program to support your personal aspirations and goals. Her clients want to be the best, so she will support and challenge them to reveal the greatest that is within them.

If you need a space to flourish into the business owner that you always knew you could be then contact Angela on 01572 497 030.

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