Pritesh Ganatra

Northamptonshire businesses are confident about next 12 months

Nearly three quarters of Northamptonshire firms which took part in a survey on local business affairs predicted their sales revenue will increase during the next 12 months.

The Wellingborough & East Northamptonshire Chamber of Commerce joined forces with the Business Times in the first quarter of this year to create the survey investigating the state of business affairs in Northamptonshire.

The newly released results also show 98 per cent of those surveyed expected to maintain or increase the size of their workforces and nearly half expect to see their profits rise during the same period.

Chamber president Pritesh Ganatra said: “We know that Northamptonshire is home to a strong and diverse economy and it’s good to see that the majority of businesses which responded to our survey are feeling confident about the future.

“This survey has also provided us with invaluable information about the big issues that businesses are facing this year.

“Over half of respondents told us they were most concerned about economic uncertainty and almost a quarter said the biggest issue facing them was a talent and skills shortage.

“The results from this survey will help us to raise awareness about the needs of business in our area and we’d like to thank all the organisations which participated and the Business Times for its support.”

The survey also revealed that half of firms intend to continue the working practices they established in the pandemic and a quarter said they will expand or formalise their current arrangements for home and office working.

The survey was officially launched at this year’s Your Business Expo Northamptonshire which is organised by Pulse Media Group which owns the Business Times.

Company director Martin Lewis-Stevenson said: “We were delighted to help launch the Northamptonshire Business Survey at this year’s Your Business Expo.

“We are always proud to support and champion county businesses through our events and through the Business Times.”


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