Northamptonshire charity pledges commitment to helping people keep their homes

We are here to help you keep your home, don’t leave it too late’ – this is the message from Northamptonshire charity Community Law Service.

The charity, which provides specialist housing, benefits, debt and immigration advice as well as court representation, is the Housing Loss Prevention Advice Service (HLPAS) provider, a government funded scheme which provides free legal advice and representation to people facing the loss of their home.

Since the scheme’s launch last August Community Law Service has helped more than 460 people.  Just over 400 of these have now been concluded with a staggering 345 people keeping their homes – thanks to support and court representation from Community Law Service.

Chief executive Sarah Hayle said: “In courts we see too many cases where there is no representation and no prior advice obtained. Some people don’t even attend court which means possession orders can be issued and eviction can then follow. We want people to get in touch before a possession order is granted. Do this and we are far more likely to get a positive outcome and keep people in their homes. All too often people come to us at the last possible moment, sometimes just the day before they are due to be evicted.”

Sarah added: “This is free, independent and confidential. Our advisors provide legal advice to help you identify the reasons someone is seeking possession of your home, will recommend potential solutions and work on your behalf to resolve the issues.

We can represent you in court and our staff will speak on your behalf in court.“

What you need to know:

  • You can get help as soon as you receive written notice that your landlord or mortgage lender wants to repossess your home
  • Anyone can use this service – it doesn’t matter what your financial situation is and you will not have to pay
  • If you end up having to attend a court hearing, a Community Law Service housing expert will represent you in court for free

Community Law Service can also help with benefits, debt, fuel poverty and immigration matters.

Get in touch by calling 01604 621038 or emailing


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