Northants Open Studios Launch

Northants Open Studios Celebrates Grand Launch of Central Exhibition at Lamport Hall

Northants Open Studios, a vibrant celebration of local artistic talent, marked its official launch with the unveiling of the Central Exhibition on Saturday, 2nd September. The event witnessed an enthusiastic gathering of art enthusiasts, visitors, and artists, all congregating at Lamport Hall to immerse themselves in a visual feast of creativity.

The Deputy Lieutenant Amanda Lowther did the honours of inaugurating the Central Exhibition, which showcased an impressive collection of 448 art pieces, transforming the Coach House and Stable blocks at Lamport Hall into a captivating gallery. Against the backdrop of a sun-drenched day, attendees revelled in the diversity of artworks, forging connections between the passionate creators and the inspiring creations on display.

Sales were in the spotlight as well, with the event seeing an exciting flurry of acquisitions, as many of the exhibited artworks found their way into the hands of appreciative new owners. The month-long event promises to be an art lover’s delight, continuing every Wednesday through Sunday from 10 am to 4 pm. The exhibition offers a unique opportunity for attendees to explore a broad spectrum of artistic expressions and styles, set amidst the historical charm of Lamport Hall.

In her keynote address, Katie Boyce, the Director and Festival Organiser of Northants Open Studios, emphasised the significance of the Central Exhibition. She highlighted the exhibition’s role in showcasing the variety of artworks that will be on display across the county, encouraging visitors to chart their course for further exploration. Boyce also urged attendees to delve beyond the visual aesthetics and connect with the passion and dedication that lie behind each artistic creation.

The highlight of the Central Exhibition, the Public’s Favourite Award, offers an additional layer of engagement for visitors. Attendees are invited to vote for their preferred artwork, thereby participating in the decision-making process for the coveted prize of £200, generously supported by the Kettering & District Art Society. This initiative not only fosters community involvement but also provides artists with the recognition they deserve.

Boyce’s speech underscored the meticulous craftsmanship and effort that artists invest in their works. She reiterated that art is the result of deliberate creation, nurtured by inspiration and brought to life in the sanctuary of an artist’s studio. Northants Open Studios aims to give attendees a glimpse into this hidden realm, encouraging everyone to partake in this unique opportunity to explore the creative sanctuaries of local artists.

“The Central Exhibition is an opportunity for you to witness firsthand the diverse range of artistry that our county has to offer,” said Katie Boyce. “Take this chance to not just admire the beauty of the artworks, but also to connect with the passion and dedication that breathe life into each creation.”

The Central Exhibition, which is sponsored by Lamport Hall’s Preservation Trust is a reminder that artistic expression is a doorway to hidden worlds and unspoken emotions. Northants Open Studios invites everyone to embark on this artistic journey, one that unveils the soul of creativity and invites all to discover the world of artistry.

For more information and a detailed schedule of events, visit the official Northants Open Studios website


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