Sir Christopher Hatton School Urgently Need Your Support!

On Friday 25th November Year 10’s at Sir Christopher Hatton School in Wellingborough are off timetable during the day and involved in various careers based activities. In the afternoon the school are running ‘Employer workshops’ which students will opt in to. The school likes to offer a wide range of career pathways so that there is something of interest for all our students. There will be two workshops running; one at 1pm and one at 2pm and the school are inviting you to get involved as a local business.

As part of the Employer workshops, the school usually recommend employers give a brief overview of their role and then engage students in some type of interactive activity that students get actively involved in. This could be an activity or task linked to the line of work they have been learning about, it could be a quiz or game, students could work in groups to over come a challenge or present an idea.

If you can assist or would like to know more information, please contact Steven Lane at Sir Christopher Hatton Academy by email –


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