Suzanne Young

NNBN Welcomes Suzanne Young Coaching: Transforming Leaders with Confidence and Vision

Suzanne Young Coaching, under Riverley Project Management Ltd., stands as a beacon for those seeking to transform their leadership prowess. With a rich amalgamation of executive coaching, advanced hypnotherapy, and over two decades of senior project management experience, Suzanne Young empowers clients to unlock their highest potential without succumbing to burnout.

The essence of Suzanne’s work lies in aiding accomplished individuals who grapple with the weight of success rather than relishing its fruits. Her methodology involves guiding them to take a step back, realign priorities, and reignite their passion for both professional and personal life. This strategic approach not only bolsters confidence but also significantly enhances performance, creating a mutually beneficial outcome.

Operating from dual bases in Kettering and Toronto, Suzanne embarked on her coaching journey in 2020, blending her corporate acumen with a renewed focus on coaching and consultancy following a forced career pivot due to COVID-19. Over time, she honed her coaching expertise with executive coaching credentials and an Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy qualification.

Suzanne prides herself on transforming mindsets and business outcomes positively. Her passion lies in fostering workplace confidence, particularly relishing the challenge of helping teams reframe setbacks into learning opportunities rather than assigning blame.

The decision to join NNBN stemmed from Suzanne’s eagerness to expand her local network and foster collaborations, especially since she values connections deeply while operating within the realm of remote work.

Her mission to cultivate confident leaders and reshape business cultures through authentic leadership underscores her vision. Suzanne’s approach nurtures authenticity, empowerment, and community, steering high achievers to rediscover their true selves, thereby fostering confidence and collaboration in their professional pursuits.

In Suzanne’s words, “I am passionate about connections and working with other businesses to change the workplace culture. NNBN gives me local connections so we can improve lives in Northamptonshire.”

Suzanne Young Coaching encapsulates a journey toward transformative leadership—a voyage marked by confidence, authenticity, and a zeal for reshaping the future of business leadership.