Milly Fyfe

The Farming Community Network Announces A New Ambassador

Farmer and digital marketing specialist Milly Fyfe ®️ has taken up the role of Farming Community Network Ambassador, helping to raise awareness of our charity and the support we provide people in agriculture.

Milly is a farmer, mum of two young children, English Panel CARAS secretary and digital marketing expert. Milly has spoken quite openly about her mental health challenges, living in chronic pain whilst raising young children and supporting her husband on the farm.

Having worked in the industry amongst the farming community for many years, she understands the weighty responsibilities that are faced and feels empowered to support the work of FCN as an Ambassador.

Milly said: “Having experienced first-hand the difference that FCN makes, I want to use my networks and support promotional campaigns via social media to enhance the work of FCN and raise awareness to more people across the UK.”

For further information about the Farming Community Network visit here


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