UON Sustainability Summit 2024

After an extremely successful maiden edition of the UON Sustainability Summit in May this year, the University of Northampton are delighted to announce that the 2nd UON Sustainability Summit is set to take place on Monday 20th & Tuesday 21st May 2024.

The main objective for the 2023 Summit was to identify shared sustainability challenges within the UON’s stakeholder community and agree a framework for addressing those challenges. Resultingly, the Summit discussions culminated in the formation of the Northampton Sustainability Accord on the 16th of May 2023. In the six months since then, the UON have worked together to launch the Sustainability Local Partnership Agenda Hub (SLIPAH) and are making valuable progress in attaining the sustainability goals set out in the Northampton Sustainability Accord through a series of projects and initiatives that SLIPAH is coordinating. And over 40 organisations have now acceded to the Northampton Sustainability Accord as signatory organisations.

The pace of this progress has been rapid and demonstrates our clear and shared determination, as a stakeholder group, to not just say the right things when it comes to Sustainability, but to put our words into action and walk our talk.

Whist this is good progress, the UON have much yet to do and we will be seizing on the opportunity that the 2024 Summit will provide to further accelerate our efforts. The selected theme for the Summit in 2024 is; “Harnessing the power of Innovation in attaining our shared Sustainability goals under the Northampton Sustainability Accord.”

Under this theme, the UON plan to, once again, bring the stakeholder community together to achieve two things in the main: a) to assess the progress we have made in pursuing the shared sustainability goals set out in the Northampton Sustainability Accord, and, b) introduce an innovation strand into the Summit and Accord framework that will serve as a catalyst to drive sustainability innovations to shared sustainability challenges.

The UON are particularly excited about the new innovation strand that will form part of the Summit and Accord framework. This is novel addition to the Summit agenda and will provide a platform for cutting-edge discussions, ideas, and strategies to accelerate the achievement of the shared sustainability goals we have set out in the Accord.

So save the date to join the UON on the 20th and 21st of May 2024 as we collectively progress to the next leg of our exciting sustainability journey in harnessing the power of innovation to attain our shared sustainability goals. Together, and with the Northampton Sustainability Accord as our framework for change, we can make a profound difference in building a brighter and more sustainable future.

Tickets will be available n in mid-January for delegates to register their attendance. Please click here and learn more about the UON’s early bird discount rate.


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