Wine Chateau Invite You To Join Their Wine Tasting Experience

The owners of the Wine Chateau in Wellingborough are inviting local people to join them for a memorable wine tasting experience ahead of Valentines Day.

Taking place at the Hind Hotel in Wellingborough, Constantin and Cristina welcome you to enjoy an evening of fine white, rose and red wine coming from Moldovan cellars of award winning wineries where you will be introduced to Moldovan wine culture, indigenous grapes as well as wine serving tips!

The wine tasting takes place on Saturday 11th February at 6pm and will include three still wines, starting with fresh flavours of a white, continuing with a rose wine and finishing off with a beautiful red wine, all accompanied by delicious a charcuterie board.

While all the guests will be gathering for the event, you will also enjoy a glass of Moldovan sparkling wine and receive a raffle ticket to win a prize!

For further information and to book your tickets click here