Workers welcome AI – but HR experts urge caution

Workers in Northamptonshire are unconcerned about Artificial Intelligence (AI) replacing their roles, although almost two-thirds happily trusting the accuracy of the technology to aid in tasks, according to the latest data from people experts HR Solutions.

The Kettering based HR consultancy, who recently undertook a survey surrounding the subject, found that of those polled, 49% of businesses were using AI such as Chat GPT, whereas 51% were not.

The majority of those using AI were using it to write business documents or brainstorm ideas, with a third using it to analyse information.

A huge 90 per cent of respondents said they thought their own role could be improved with AI and although even more (92%) were not personally worried about AI replacing their roles, almost three-quarters (73%) were concerned about how AI might change roles in the future.

A credulous 63 per cent said that they would trust the accuracy of AI to help with tasks and a surprising 21 per cent believed it would be ethical to pass off AI as their own work.

AI – using computer science for problem solving – is being cited as the fourth industrial revolution and is a monumental change in technology.

HR Solutions have already suggested that if businesses are to remain competitive and have the advantage in a modern marketplace, they must embrace the modern method and ensure it is used ethically and reasonably.

The award-winning consultancy believe it has the potential to revolutionise how companies work, however have warned of the risks associated with it and urged companies to set out clear parameters for staff.

In order to help companies to navigate this new business tool, HR Solutions has published a policy and impact assessment for using Artificial Intelligence in Employment.

This policy will help a business to establish guidelines for AI in the workplace, ensuring firms have the right measures in place to get the most out of AI technology and to remove or limit the risks that are associated with it.

The experts also recently held a webinar entitled the 10 Key Considerations When Using AI in The Workplace.

HR Solutions CEO Greg Guilford said: “There is no doubt that if you use AI correctly, it has the potential to streamline processes and improve performance and productivity.

“However, as with anything groundbreaking and new, it is wise to by wary about how it is used. Our AI policy can be implemented by businesses in order to ensure that the technology is used solely to enhance working practices and also identify and prepare for any potential challenges it may bring.”

The HR Solutions AI policy and impact assessment can be found here –

There is also a guide to using AI in the workplace available here:


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