Introducing The CPD Group’s Ground-Breaking Podcast Accreditation: Revolutionising Quality Audio-Based Learning

Global accreditation body The CPD Group have launched a new accreditation service that recognises the excellent learning delivered via podcasts.

The CPD Group is excited to announce the launch of their new podcast accreditation service. This new accreditation provides recognition for quality educational content within podcasts. This accreditation marks a significant milestone in the CPD world as the first dedicated podcast accreditation of its kind.

In today’s dynamic world, podcasts have emerged as a popular and convenient medium for learning and professional growth in all industries and sectors. The CPD Group recognise the immense value and quality of the educational content delivered through podcasts and believe it’s essential to give them the recognition they deserve.

By getting their podcasts CPD accredited, podcasters will be able to provide added value to their listeners by enabling them to earn trackable CPD minutes from each podcast episode. Podcasters will also be able to offer accredited CPD certificates to their listeners. This allows listeners to evidence their professional development and have tangible proof of the skills and knowledge gained from listening to the podcast where they wouldn’t have received it before. Listeners can use their certificates to enhance their CVs and share their achievements with their employer, regulator, or professional body.

Once accredited, podcasters will receive a unique verification number to read out in their podcasts. Listeners can use this code to download their accredited certificates. The certificate can be fully customised to the branding of the podcast using The CPD Group’s certificate builder. This innovative and convenient approach adds value for listeners, making it easier than ever to track their progress and meet their professional development goals.

Furthermore, by accrediting their podcasts with The CPD Group, podcasters can gain access to valuable data on which listeners are engaging with the unique verification number. Additionally, CPD Accreditation serves as a powerful marketing tool for podcasts, as listeners can easily identify the quality of the educational content as it has been assessed by a third party.

To accredit their podcasts, podcasters will first need to become Approved CPD Providers. This is a free service that accredits companies to ensure they have all the processes in place to deliver great CPD. Once accredited as a CPD Provider, podcasters will have the opportunity to select their podcast accreditation plan.

For more information about The CPD Group’s Podcast accreditation service and how to become a CPD Provider, please visit the website here.


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