John Perry

MEET OUR NNBN AWARDS FINALISTS – Meet John Perry from Accommodation Concern

Our next feature in the build up to the NNBN Awards taking on Friday at Kettering Park Hotel & Spa is with John from Accommodation Concern.

John is a Finalist at this year’s NNBN Awards in the Special Recognition Award category kindly sponsored by Tresham College.

So let us meet John and understand a bit more about Accommodation Concern.

“I’m the Advice Service Manager at Accommodation Concern in Kettering. We’re here to help people across Northamptonshire who are having a tough time. Whether it’s sorting out debts, giving advice on housing, or helping someone claim the right benefits, our team is on it. We’ve got a group of 12 dedicated advisers who are passionate about making a difference. If someone’s at risk of homelessness, we’re there to guide them. And if they’re struggling with money, we’ll work out a plan. Our main goal? Making sure everyone gets the support they deserve, no matter the challenge.”

How do you add value to people you work with ?

“At Accommodation Concern, we’re all about helping folks when they need it most. We work with creditors to set up payment plans, making bills more manageable for our clients. When things get really tough, we help with Debt Relief Orders, giving people a chance to get back on their feet. We also give advice to those facing homelessness and make sure they know their rights when it comes to benefits and housing. If someone’s not being treated fairly, we step in and fight for them. Every day, we’re on the frontline, making sure our clients get the support they need.”

What do you enjoy the most about what you do ?

“You know, as a Debt Adviser, I always joke that one of the perks of my job is getting to write snotty letters, especially to those aggressive debt collectors! But jokes aside, the real joy comes from seeing our clients stand tall again, taking control of their lives. It’s about sparking real change, shedding light on important issues, and breaking down those common misconceptions about homelessness and debt. Every day, I’m challenging those age-old stereotypes and helping folks see the real stories behind the struggles. That’s what drives me and makes it all worth it.”

What was the feeling like when you learned you were a Finalist at this year’s NNBN Awards ?

“When I learned I was a finalist at this year’s NNBN Awards, my immediate thought was of the incredible team behind me at Accommodation Concern. The recognition isn’t just for me; it’s a testament to their dedication, passion, and tireless work. I felt an overwhelming sense of pride, not for personal achievement, but for our collective effort. It’s a wonderful reminder that when we come together with a shared mission, our impact is profound. This nomination is a reflection of every individual in our team who gives their all, every single day.”

What are you mostly looking forward to at the NNBN Awards this year ?

“I’m genuinely excited for the NNBN Awards this year. More than anything, it’s about seeing our community come together, taking a moment to give a nod to those businesses and folks who’ve truly made a difference. It’s also a great time to look back, think about what we’ve achieved in the past year, and plan for the future. And, of course, there’s the lighter side – enjoying a good drink, some tasty food, and just having a laugh with colleagues. It’s that blend of appreciation, reflection, and a bit of fun that makes these awards special for me.”

To learn more about Accommodation Concern, visit their website here.


CH 12th October 2023