Milly Fyfe

Meet our NNBN Awards Finalists – Milly Fyfe from No Fuss Meals for Busy Parents CIC

It’s a great honour to be a Finalist at any awards ceremony and in our build up to this year’s NNBN Awards, we caught up with a number of our Finalists to understand more about what they do and how they add value to their clients and our Northamptonshire business community.

Our next feature in the build up to the NNBN Awards taking place at Kettering Park Hotel & Spa on Friday 6th October is Milly Fyfe from No Fuss Meals for Busy Parents CIC.

Milly is a Finalist in two categories at this year’s NNBN Awards in the Business Person of the Year category kindly sponsored by Square Feet Co Working and the Start Up Business of the Year kindly sponsored by Hawsons Accountants.

So let us meet Milly and understand what happens from her Yelvertoft base in West Northamptonshire.

“I’m an award-winning marketing, PR, event and fundraising specialist providing digital marketing support to food and farming businesses, helping to reach out and connect with a target audience or customer base.

I’m also an anchor woman and Agricultural spokesperson, representing and supporting numerous farming organisations and charities including Ladies in Beef, The Farm Safety Foundation and The Farming Community Network.

Together with my husband Andrew, we farm beef suckler cattle, sheep, arable crops and a few rare breed pigs with our two young children Angus and Dougie in rural Northamptonshire.

I also write and contribute to several publications including the Daventry Express, Rugby Advertiser and BBC Radio Northampton and I’m a member of the Guild of Agricultural Journalists and Social Media Managers Hub.

I’ve been a Love British Food Ambassador since 2012 and I’m passionate about flying the flag for British Food and Farming and this has led to me giving a reading at Westminster Abbey during the National Love British Food harvest service.

During the height of the pandemic, I established a food blog called No Fuss Meals for Busy Parents, helping to make a connection between food grown in the UK and how to make tasty meals the whole family can enjoy. From there, the podcast “The Countryside Kitchen meets” was created, interviewing farmers and food producers about what they grow or raise, where people can buy and how they can transform those ingredients into a tasty meal.”

After attending The Windsor Leadership Course earlier this year, inspired me to register a Community Interest Company which is now know as ‘No Fuss Meals for Busy Parents CIC”

How do you add value to people you work with ?

“Through the CIC, I aim to bridge a gap between UK food producers and consumers, helping people to have a better understanding of how food is produced in the UK with food provenance, what is in season each month, what food businesses are in their area, how farmers play their part in shaping the landscape.

I promote the sustainable and economic benefits of buying British and shopping locally, highlighting to consumer what their buying habits have on the environment around them. Also looking at how buying British reduces food miles, sustains rural economies with job opportunities and encourages local tourism too.

Part of what the CIC does is to share seasonal recipe ideas that are easy to follow using seasonal ingredients, providing mealtime inspiration and enabling people to cook from scratch.”

What do you enjoy the most about what you do ?

“For me, it is always about making a difference to the community that I operate within. I want more people to have a better understanding of what food is in season, how it is grown in the UK, empower people to cook with those ingredients and the difference it makes to the local economy when you Buy British, Shop Locally and get behind food and farming campaigns.”

What was the feeling like when you learned you were a Finalist at this year’s NNBN Awards ?

“All the hard work is paying off for me and I’m thrilled to have been recognised with the NNBN Awards. As a sole trader and a newly registered CIC, it can often be lonely working away and not realising the difference you are making to the community – it is good to reflect and celebrate achievements. I am hoping that I can use the awards platform to showcase that as a working parent of young children, great things can be achieved despite many setbacks along the way.”

 What are you mostly looking forward to at the NNBN Awards this year ?

 “For me, being able to get out of my overalls getting glammed up, network with other business professional and have a good time.”

To learn more about Milly and her Social Enterprise, visit her website here. Or follow on Facebook or Instagram: or