Raunds Fish Bar

Meet Raunds Fish Bar: Serving a delight in Raunds

Nestled within the vibrant streets of Raunds, Northants, stands a culinary treasure trove known far and wide as Raunds Fish Bar. For an impressive 34 years, this establishment has been more than a mere fish & chip shop—it’s a testament to dedication, innovation, and a commitment to redefining traditional takeout fare.

Under the guidance of the owner, Steve Vasiliou, Raunds Fish Bar has evolved into a gastronomic haven offering an expansive menu that transcends expectations. While the heart of the menu remains anchored in the timeless allure of fish & chips, it’s the kaleidoscope of flavours within their kebabs, pizzas, and burgers that captures the imagination.

However, what truly sets Raunds Fish Bar apart is its knack for surprising palates with seasonal delights. Picture this: the most irresistible mozzarella balls and, brace yourself, battered mince pies that herald the festive season in an unconventional yet tantalizing manner. It’s these bold strokes of culinary ingenuity that have etched Raunds Fish Bar into the collective memory of patrons.

At the core of this culinary marvel lies Steve’s unwavering dedication to quality and customer satisfaction. Every visit guarantees not just a meal but an experience—the warmth of hospitality mirrored in the smiling faces that greet patrons and the promise of only the freshest produce adorning their plates.

The heartbeat of Raunds Fish Bar isn’t solely the sumptuous dishes; it’s the thriving camaraderie within its walls. Steve proudly extols the virtues of his exceptional team—a harmonious blend of expertise from potato prep to the genial faces at the forefront of customer service. Their unity creates an atmosphere where patrons feel not just welcomed but embraced as part of an extended culinary family.

Steve’s advocacy for local support stems from the resilience exhibited during trying times. Through the challenges, the unwavering support of the local community has been the bedrock of their perseverance, affirming the pivotal role of small businesses in fostering community bonds.

The accolades earned at the Northants Life Awards—securing top positions repeatedly as the best takeaway in Northamptonshire—are a testament to their unwavering pursuit of excellence. Yet, beyond the glitz of awards, it’s their ethos of going above and beyond to cater to the diverse needs of their patrons that truly defines Raunds Fish Bar.

And it’s not just Steve working his magic at Raunds Fish Bar either. Georgia Smith is the shop manager and “Miss Raunds” as local people know her takes equally as much pride in everything she does just like Steve as if it’s her business.

This esteemed establishment isn’t just a place to grab a quick bite; it’s a hub of community gatherings, a reliable partner for catering events big and small, and a testament to culinary artistry that continues to elevate the local dining scene.

So the next time you are in Raunds, take a visit to Raunds Fish Bar on the corner of Hill Street and go and enjoy some of the delicious offerings of one of Northamptonshire’s finest Fish Bars.


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