Northampton Sustainability Accord

NNBN become the latest signatory to sign the Northampton Sustainability Accord

Northamptonshire Membership organisation NNBN have become the latest organisation to sign the Northampton Sustainability Accord to raise further awareness of work being done in the County towards Net Zero and show their commitment in working towards Net Zero.

The Northampton Sustainability Accord recognises the significance of collective action in addressing shared sustainability challenges. It aims to establish a framework for collaboration among stakeholders to achieve mutually agreed sustainability goals.

Unveiled following the University of Northampton Sustainability Summit held in May, the Accord brings together a range of stakeholders including local and national businesses, governmental organisations, and third-sector businesses in a collaborative effort to transition towards more sustainable practices.

NNBN joins other Northamptonshire organisations such as West Northamptonshire Council, SATRA, University of Northampton, North Northamptonshire Council, Good Business Charter, Salvation Army Trading Company, Northampton General Hospital, C Butt and a number of other local organisations in signing the Accord all working towards a net zero future.

Director Simon Cox said “We are delighted to sign the Sustainability Accord and show our support as we work towards a cleaner greener future and ultimately Net Zero.”

 “There are 5.47 million SME’s and Micro Businesses (0 to 49 employees) in the UK and if we can all work towards Net Zero over the next few years, the UK will achieve this target quicker. Here in Northamptonshire, we are keen to be involved in initiatives to help the County’s businesses, charities and organisations get there sooner.”

 “We’ve recently signed the SME Climate Hub pledge, are active members of the Organisation for Responsible Businesses and members of the Good Business Charter and our aim is to continue to share information relating to various net zero initiatives in Northamptonshire to ensure other businesses, charities and organisations are aware of such events and information.”

Dr Ebenezer Laryea, Associate Professor in International Sustainable Development Law and Project Lead for TANZ West Northants said By joining the Northampton Sustainability Accord as its newest signatory organisation, NNBN demonstrates its deep-seated commitment to sustainability and the need for meaningful collaborative work which puts commercial activities on a more sustainable footing. As a signatory organisation, NNBN will be taking part in collaborative transformative projects such as the TANZ West Northants Net Zero project in pursuit of the shared Sustainability goals set out in the Accord. We encourage all businesses and charities to join the Northampton Sustainability Accord as we work together to build a greener and more sustainable county, region, nation, and world.”

To find out more about the Northampton Sustainability Accord, visit the Sustainability Local Innovation Partnership Agenda Hub (SLIPAH) website here


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