TANZ Webinar: Navigating the Road to Net Zero – The Why’s & How’s

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey that can help reshape the growth of your business or charity in way that ensures a more sustainable world for our children and grandchildren?

If the answer to your question is a resounding ‘Yes’, then we invite you to join us for our first Net Zero Webinar on the TANZ West Northants Project. Titled “Navigating the Road to Net Zero – The Why’s & How’s”, your engagement with this webinar presents an opportunity to be part of the extraordinary TANZ West Northants project. TANZ West Northants is more than just a project; it’s a mission. Launched in partnership with West Northants Council in September 2023 and funded by the UK Shared Prosperity Fund (UKSPF), this two-year project is set to put the commercial activities of businesses and charities on a more sustainable footing and on the path to accelerated growth.

Happening on the 14th of November from 1pm to 2pm, this first webinar substantive webinar on the TANZ project will provide crucial knowledge and insight into how attaining Net Zero can secure a more sustainable and profitable future for your organisation, and why it’s important for the long-term survival of your operations. Attendees will also take away key understandings on how the TANZ project is well positioned to transform their commercial activities, making them eco-friendly and more efficient so as to realise the financial benefits of sustainability.

We are pleased to have moderating this webinar, the highly distinguished Max MacGillivray of Beanstalk Global.

All enquiries can be directed to: Dr Ebenezer Laryea (Project Lead for TANZ –

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Delapre November 2023